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Hey blogger, Shannon Ashley here!
So last night was kind of a weird night for me. I remember crying to my boyfriend on the phone, as I could barely keep myself awake. I vaguely remember saying “goodnight, I love you,” but I have no recollection of ever hanging up. I then thought it was a dream that he called me, but turns out he called me around 9:15 and my phone woke me up, and we talked for a couple minutes. Pretty sure I was sleep talking to him, but oh well!
So that brings me to the
Next part of last night! I had a dream (and I checked to see if it was real) that I got hundreds of messages on this blog! It may sound a little crazy to dream that, but it would literally mean so much to me if someone out there was reading this. So if anyone is out there, let me know… Please!
Alright, well I’m heading to bed to I hope y’all have a good night… And if you are in a place with bad weather (it’s icy/snowy here) stay safe and be careful driving! And my prayers go out to anyone affected by the recent tornadoes.. I hope everyone is safe.
~Shannon Ashley


OK GO– Awesome music videos!!

Hey bloggers, Shannon Ashley here! This is a new group I found called OK GO. I can’t say their music is my favorite, but their music videos make it all worth it! This one starts off a little weird, but I love what they do with their feet at the end! Check it out, I bet you’ll love it too! And don’t forget, Spread Love!


~Shannon Ashley

It’s been a while, but here goes nothing!

Hey there bloggers! Shannon Ashley here!
Sorry it’s been so long! I got so busy when school started up again but I decided it’s time for me to start updating again. So here goes, Same old me.. back here again for a second try at this!

So time for an update… I told you about my jobs? Well, now that it is winter I am no longer lifeguarding (Mass winters and town beaches don’t go together well). My boss at my waitressing job asked me to take over 3 more days, doing something completely different… working as a baker! So now on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays I get to go in and make all sorts of fun stuff, from cakes and cookies to breads and danish. It’s a blast!

Hmmm… next updates. School is going well. I have officially started looking into colleges! I have toured UMASS Dartmouth, Stetson University, Merrimack, and Salem State University. I was not a fan of UMASS Dartmouth of Merrimack, but I LOVED Stetson and Salem State. Only problem as of right now? Stetson is in Florida, and I’m not sure if i want to go that far away for undergrad school, since I do plan on going on to Med school after. I hope to become a pediatrician someday! I’m going to be taking my SATs soon (which reminds me, I should probably sign up for them!). I am really excited to be a senior next year! And let me tell you- high school sure has gone by fast!

As for other things, life is pretty good.. Just taking things day by day. I really hope someone out there is reading this, somewhere. Leave me comments! I’d love to chat with you all! And do me a favor- please don’t give up on me!

Love y’all! XOXO

~Shannon Ashley

Update on Life!

Shannon Ashley Here! I haven’t made an “official” post lately, so here goes.

Last week, I worked a few days. After work, I went off to my Grandma’s house. I had a great time at her house, we went to the pool, the lake, the Norman Rockwell Museum, and a Zuchini festival. We spent a lot of time with my cousins. It was an altogether great time!

While I was at her house, I actually got two jobs! Funny how that works… when I’m looking for a job, I can’t find anything, but as soon as I forget about it and go on vacation, I get two! So anyways, the first job is babysitting my neighbors every Tuesday. Their mom is a nurse, their dad a producer at ESPN, so it’s while they work… but the kids are great! They are 13, 11, and 5. They really only need me their for homework help, dinner, and bedtime… but I’m going to be getting around $11 an hour doing something I love!
The other job is at a bakery/diner. A friend of mine is leaving for college, and it’s her parents bakery, so I’ll be taking over her Saturday hours. I started today, just shadowing her… and let me tell you I love it! At first when I showed up, I was a little overwhelmed, but I adjusted quickly. I think the job really fits my personality… I’m a rather energetic and all over the place person, so I  had a ton of fun with the job! We do everything from taking orders, making coffee runs, serving food, cutting and cooking toast, cashing people out, and the dishes… all while this little tiny diner is full of hungry people! I never thought that kitchen work would be the thing for me, but I’m so glad I got this opportunity because I already love it!

Okay, so after being at my Grandma’s and getting two jobs, we went on vacation! We went to New Hampshire, planning on taking my little sister to Storyland and then going tubing down the Saco River. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, so tubing wasn’t going to be worth it. Instead, we decided to go to a place called Diana’s baths. I can honestly say that was the highlight of my summer… the baths are waterfalls where you can swim and slide down the rocks. At one point towards the top, their is a 15-foot opening, filled with water. You can actually jump into this opening, although it is a fairly small opening. It was a lot of fun, and what made it even better was that we could bring our dog… he’s a yellow lab and he loves the water! StoryLand was also fun, and I’m glad we went on a rainy day… the lines undoubtedly wouldn’t be worth the wait unless you have children under age 8.

When we came home from that, I worked for a few more days. I eventually was greeted with 3 more letters from my boyfriend who is at bootcamp. He’s doing well, he said everything has become routine by now. He’s a lot less homesick now, but their still are things he misses. He had me send him lyrics to a few songs, also. Getting letters makes me so happy, and we both agreed that letters are the best part of both of our days. He’s so cute… I can’t wait to see him in October! Speaking of which, he wants me to come to his graduation in October. I want to go more than anything, but I feel like my mom just wouldn’t understand. Plus it would mean missing a few days of school and getting on an airplane by myself… as well as paying for my way their and back home! He said he would let me know the details as soon as he figures them out, but I really hope it works out!

So some more updates, Today I got my license! it was really exciting for me, I love driving and I’ve been looking forward to this day forever! I drove to my best friend’s house just to say hello, then I took my little sister for icecream on the beach.

Yesterday, I was guarding at the beach and we had a minor situation. It was kind of a crappy day weather-wise, so we only had 9 people in the water. All of a sudden, we both realized that we were one person short. It was the man that had been snorkeling. His wife told us many times not to worry about him, but he was missing for over a minute and it’s our job to go in, so we did (plus it was weird that she wasn’t at all worried…). After getting into the water, he was spotted. He had swam out of the roped off area and we couldn’t see him, but he was perfectly fine the entire time, so it was no problem. We explained that he had to be careful to stay in the ropes, and that was that, but even so, it was so scary!

Okay, well that’s all for tonight, see everyone back here for another exciting post tomorrow! Take care!
~Shannon Ashley

Once again, been a while…

Shannon Ashley here, and once again, sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been on vacation a bit, but tomorrow I will fill you all in with my latest life details (;
For now, I just wanna post a song (Far Away by Nickelback). My boyfriend (the one at bootcamp) asked me to send him the lyrics, and when I realized what song it was, I started to love it. It’s a bit old, but I feel like it kinda explains our relationship, so I figured I’d share before I head off to bed. Enjoy!

~Shannon Ashley

What does the future hold?

Shannon Ashley here, and right now, I’m talking to a friend of mine about my lifelong dreams, just questioning what exactly it is that the future holds.

I’ve always had this dream of going to college in California and becoming a doctor. I wanted to go to Biola to study premed. I love children, and I just want to help out, so i became interested in pediatrics.

Recently, I’ve been thinking that I may not want to do that anymore. Even though I’ve always had my heart set on that, I have come to realize that college is a lot sooner than I seem to think. Things have really changed for me in the past few months, and I can’t help but wonder if I really want to pick up and leave and spend all that time and money just on preparing myself for a career. I also want to get married and have children, and I’m just not sure how long I want to wait, because becoming a doctor could get me around 12 years of schooling before I settle into a steady job and am ready for the whole family thing.

I guess this goes back to the whole “afraid of change and the unknown” thing. This friend, Let’s call him Bill, told me that I should try to achieve my dream, because after all, it is a dream. He’s a bit older than me, so he was kind of telling me what’s ahead to help me pick what it is that I really want and stuff, which is rather comforting to me.

~Shannon Ashley

Lucky I’m in love with my best friend<3

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